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I think about the Medicare form that talked about white figures, and I wonder if they were dreaming of Richard.

SFWA members can nominate work published between July 1st 2008 and December 31st 2009. Since this is an award for fiction, my only Nebula Award eligible work is “Swan Song” (Strange Horizons, published 6 October 2008).

When I arrived, Jack, as before, is struggling with the fax machine, but this time he did not BS-ing. Click-Click-issued by the sound of fax machines, idling with.

Yesterday I was doing vanity searches to see if there were any new reviews of my writing around, and ran across this page infringing my copyright. They don’t have my permission to translate and republish this story, but they’re in China (presumably) so there isn’t much I could do about it even if I […]

Swan Song

The Fix (a short fiction review site) says this about my short story “Swan Song” (emphasis mine): The story is very well written and also engaging, which is impressive because the first third deals with a rather boring look at a rather boring life. This is to be expected, as most day-to-day lives are boring. […]

Swan Song

Strange Horizons has published my short story “Swan Song.”