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How to Live on Other Planets and other news

Since my last update, the whirlwind has continued: I got to spend an amazing eight days in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, two of them with my sister and four of them at a work conference (one of the doctors I admin assist was President of the national organization holding the conference – nothing at all […]

Wind-up writers’ festival

The Southern Festival of Books is this weekend, and I went today to see Paolo Bacigalupi, Brian Yansky, Sara Lewis Holmes, Dana Reinhardt and a bunch of people from the writing group, the Nashville Writers’ Alliance. I really enjoyed it–made me a bit homesick for The Word on the Street though, not that I’m not […]

For Nashvillians. Or Nashvillains.

The 2009 Southern Festival of Books runs October 9-11 in Nashville, Tennessee.

the suicide lane

A few wee bits of writing news: I’m the editor, so this doesn’t really count as a publication credit, but I reprinted a scifaiku over at 7×20 (and am taking submissions). Also, Read Write Poem’s abecedarian prompt has inspired me to work on a poem featuring words between lane and suicide, which I hope to […]