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While I was writing this, I spilled tomato soup all over my desk. THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. (/dramaqueen)

I got my contributors’ copy (contributor’s copy? where does the apostrophe go? there’s only one of me, but many contributors…) of the November issue of Scifaikuest, which contains my scifaiku “autumn visit.” I also just ran across this listing of Metafilter authors, which includes me. I’m internet famous! I am also pretty sick. I probably […]


I’ve decided to publish a new chapbook of speculative poetry and microfiction at the end of February, so they’re available for sale at 2010: A Space Oddity. I plan to do a limited, numbered edition of 100, with a mix of three different covers. I’m taking advance orders now via PayPal to (or mail […]

Scifaikuest & NaPoWriMo

Upon coming home from an awesome weekend in New York, I found my contributor’s copy of the February 2009 Scifaikuest (the print version, which is different from the online version, which also contained one of my scifaiku last month). Hooray! I’ve also decided to participate in NaPoWriMo this year, and write a poem a day […]