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The unicorn pulls…

Trapeze has accepted two of my microfiction pieces for reprint, which originally appeared in Tweet the Meat and PicFic (that second one is also in On a Narrow Windowsill: Fiction and Poetry Folded onto Twitter), to appear in February and March respectively.

stealing lighters from the Shell

I’ve been busy today sending out submissions and lining up Seven by Twenty‘s tweets for December, and laughing at Allie Brosh‘s blog, which I have finally read back to the beginning of. Which feels like productivity, even though it gets me no closer to any of my life goals. Anyway, I’ve put some info on […]


I’ve decided to publish a new chapbook of speculative poetry and microfiction at the end of February, so they’re available for sale at 2010: A Space Oddity. I plan to do a limited, numbered edition of 100, with a mix of three different covers. I’m taking advance orders now via PayPal to (or mail […]

Just done cleaning face and using night cream/ just lock the door and find some time to scream.

Read “The Longest Poem in the World” (via) Also, picfic has published my very short story, “Work Requirements.”

the wooden bridge we all use

Picfic has published my very short story, “Stolen Lighters.”

Twitter Zines

You know what I love about publishing online? It’s so fast. I found out about the existence of twitter zines (that is, zines that use twitter as their distributor, thereby limiting content to 140 characters) on Friday last week, wrote and submitted a bunch of stuff on Saturday, and have already been published in escarp […]