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he mows his lawn in ever-smaller circles

Read “3 (“Wearing purple shorts…”)” by Lauren Becker.

I should have turned off the machines.

Read “8 (“Machine”)” by Mari Ness.

never to talk to strangers

Read “20 (“His parents had told him…”)” by Steve Calvert.

Listen, listen to the holler.

My peeps at nanoism are having a life story serial contest – write five tweets (pieces of 140 characters or less) that work separately, and together make a complete life story (they note: “the interpretation of ‘life story’ and how to do it is up to you”).

some stifled laughter

Nanoism has now tweeted all three parts of my serial twitter story, “The First Time“: 1, 2 & 3.

She nodded, not looking at him.

I’ve had a few publications since my last post: the twitter zine Tweetthemeat published a horror nanofiction and Nanoism has published the first in a three-part serial.