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writing is my excuse for being myself

Another Couplets interview! This one with Jenniey Tallman, an emerging writer who is (at least in my opinion) one to watch. Her work includes poems like “study, nine” and “Truths about Suicidal Women,” and short stories like “At the park across the street from where Jane lives,” “Into the Rainforest,” “Rape Me Barbie” and the […]

My youngest kid hits Jane’s kid on the head using a bright green dragon puppet. The dragon is on my kid’s hand, so the line between hitting her kid with a toy and hitting her kid with his fist is thin.

Read “Truths about Suicidal Women” by Jenniey Tallman.

Perhaps I should start going by Joe.

The Count 2010 counts female and male authorship in various influential publications (via Jenniey Tallman‘s Facebook feed). These numbers are pretty depressing – just as a sample, London Review of Books reviewed 68 female authors to 195 male authors in 2010; Tin House published 73 women to 226 men; only Poetry crept over the 50% […]

There is something wonderfully sweet about a woman touching your hand across a table and telling you about love.

Read “The Boy and the Palm Reader” by Nick Kocz and Jenniey Tallman.

When we were children, my sister and I used to walk to school in the morning and one day we found a small girl. She had fallen from a tree.

Read “Into the Rainforest” by Jenniey Tallman.

it is what is not there that leads me astray

Read “Rape Me Barbie” by Jenniey Tallman.