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This is an archive of 7×20‘s submission guidelines under the editorship of Joanne Merriam. As of 16 April 2013, Julia Patt is assuming editorial control.


Seven by Twenty is an online magazine using Twitter as its publishing platform, for readers at home and on mobile devices. Submissions are open. Follow us on Twitter.

What We Want

Literary and speculative work. We like haiku and get plenty of it. We like and don’t get enough American sentences, cinquains, gogyohka, senryu or prose poems. We also don’t get enough fiction.

Holidays for 2013 for which we’d consider themed work (please send several months in advance): Valentine’s Day (14 Feb), April Fool’s Day (1 April), Earth Day (22 April), Victoria Day (20 May), Memorial Day (27 May), Canada Day (1 July), Independence Day (4 July), Ramadan (begins 9 July), Labo(u)r Day (2 Sept), Yom Kippur (begins 13 Sept), Hallowe’en (31 Oct), Veteran’s Day (11 November), American Thanksgiving (28 Nov), Hanukkah (starts 27 Nov), Christmas (25 Dec), Boxing Day (26 Dec), Kwanzaa (starts 26 Dec).

And as always, we seek fiction and poetry that adheres to no calendar.


  • Submit to: with the word “submission” in your subject line, with your work copied and pasted into the body of your email (please do not send attachments). Joanne Merriam is the editor.
  • Send: 1-10 pieces. Fiction and poetry which fits in a tweet (140 characters or fewer), leaving room for your twitter handle or your real name. (That is, if your twitter handle were “7×20″ then you would need to leave room for a space and @7×20, which is six characters, leaving 134 characters for your poem or story.) Also send a tweetable bio. Your bio can be as informative or cryptic as you like, but we suggest you include a link to your blog or recently published work (or both). Feel free to use a url shortener service for those links (e.g.
  • Simultaneous submissions are discouraged, but reprints are welcome.
  • Rights: We ask for one-time electronic rights. By submitting you agree to give Seven by Twenty these rights if published. Otherwise, you own all rights to your work and are free to do with it whatever you like. Note that if your work is published at Seven by Twenty first, you are giving up your first serial rights; many other publishers will only look at previously unpublished work. This is why Seven by Twenty encourages reprint submissions.
  • Reading period: Seven by Twenty reads year-round.
  • Response times: We try to respond within a week of submission (longer in the summertime). Lately our response time has been more like 1-2 months. Please report your response times at Duotrope.
  • Payment: There is none. This is another reason why reprints are encouraged. Get paid elsewhere first. Consider Nanoism, Outshine, Thaumatrope or one of the many paying haiku markets.
  • Genres: Literary and speculative (science fiction/fantasy/magical realism) work are both welcome at Seven by Twenty. We don’t currently consider horror or other genres. We’re also not typically interested in serials.
To see the sort of thing we publish, go to our page on Twitter or get a copy of our best-of anthology, 140 And Counting:


Many thanks to the talented and generous Jennifer Romita, who designed our logo.

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