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Intermittent Visitors: Iris Jamahl Dunkle

Iris Jamahl Dunkle has had work in Boxcar Poetry Review, Kaleidowhirl, Cleveland in Prose and Poetry, Thin Air, Fence, SNReview, Squaw Valley Review, Stellar Showcase Journal, Verse Wisconsin and Washington Square. She’s been teaching creative writing in both university and community environments for the past eight years, and is the author of Gold Passage (Trio […]

Intermittent Visitors: David J. Daniels

  David J. Daniels’ poetry has appeared in Anti-, Boston Review, Mead: The Magazine of Literature & Libations, Sixth Finch, and Thrush Poetry Journal, as well as in Upper Rubber Boot’s anthology Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days. He is the author of Breakfast in the Suburbs and his chapbook, Indecency, […]

Intermittent Visitors: Roberta Beary

  Roberta Beary was born and raised in New York City. In 1990 she moved to Japan for five years of haiku study. Her The Unworn Necklace (Snapshot Press, 2007) was a William Carlos Williams Book Award finalist (Poetry Society of America) and a Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award prize winner. She and […]

Intermittent Visitors: Lynn Domina

Lynn Domina is the author of two collections of poetry, Framed in Silence and Corporal Works, and the editor of a collection of essays, Poets on the Psalms. Her recent poetry appears or is forthcoming in The Southern Review, The Gettysburg Review, Poetry Daily, The Louisville Review, and many other periodicals. She currently lives in […]

Intermittent Visitors: Kevin Prufer

  Kevin Prufer is the author of five books of poetry and the editor of four anthologies, most recently In a Beautiful Country (Four Way Books, 2011) and Until Everything is Continuous Again: Essays on the Work of W. S. Merwin (WordFarm Editions, 2012; with Jonathan Weinert). His poetry collection Churches is forthcoming from Four […]

“The words go just so far, then you come to meet them.”

On Saturday, March 16, 2013, I went to the Saturday University poetry session by Stephen Dobyns at Vanderbilt University. Below are my notes from the two-hour session, which consisted of a talk and then a Q&A, somewhat cleaned up for coherence (and with my comments in square brackets).   Language is a diminishment of thought. […]

Intermittent Visitors: Kathleen Alcala interviews Scott Sparling

This is a guest post by Kathleen Alcalá—she interviewed Scott Sparling for Intermittent Visitors.   Scott Sparlingā€˜s first novel, Wire to Wire, is about love, glue, drugs, and freight trains in Northern Michigan and New York. It was published by Tin House Books in 2011 and won a Michigan Notable Book Award in 2012. His […]

Eye to the Telescope

I’m guest editing Eye to the Telescope’s April issue. Theme: Immigrations. Deadline: March 1, 2013. I’m looking for speculative explorations of border crossings, assimilation, enculturation, acculturation and other facets of moving to and living in a strange place. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “speculative” encompasses the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, […]

Notes from Thomas Lux

I went to the first of this semester’s poetry Saturday University at Vanderbilt today, where Thomas Lux read and answered questions about poetry. Below are my notes, somewhat cleaned up for public consumption:   Read: “Refrigerator, 1957” “The Voice You Hear When You Read Silently” “Elegy for Robert Winner” “The People of the Other Village” […]

Unlikely Entomology

My story “The Candy Aisle” is out in The Journal of Unlikely Entomology! This is a story I wrote a million years ago, probably in 2004 or 2005, and which I have tweaked several times since. It’s probably the only thing I’ve ever written where the final line was the first thing I wrote. Anyway, […]