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Good Lord

I feel like all I do is post annually to say I’m rilly rilly busy you guys but yeah. Otherwise, I’m hard at work on a Kickstarter slated for April for the next two volumes of the Women Up To No Good Series, and on St. Patrick’s Day I’m clubbing together with Reckoning Magazine and […]

Save National Monuments

A number of national monuments are in danger of losing their protections from new development, like oil and gas drilling. At the direction of President Trump via executive orders 13792 (“Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act”) and 13795 (“Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy”), some national monuments are being reviewed by the U.S. Department […]

I am such crap at remembering to update this site.

I’ll poke my head in from time to time, but if you really want to know what I’m up to, head on over to Upper Rubber Boot Books, or follow me on Facebook.

Snow day

It’s a snow day, Tennessee-style (which means we’ll get maybe two cm of snow, but tons of ice which we don’t have the infrastructure to combat), so I am home from work. I’ve got a bunch of changes in my professional life planned for 2016: I am minimizing the number of titles Upper Rubber Boot […]

Intermittent Visitors: Simon Kewin

  Simon Kewin was born and raised on the misty Isle of Man, but now lives and works deep in rural England. He divides his time between writing SF/fantasy fiction and computer software. He has had around fifty short stories published in a variety of magazines and anthologies, along with a similar number of poems. […]

Intermittent Visitors: Lucas Stensland

  Lucas Stensland’s most recent book is Fun Again, a collection of short poems from Yet To Be Named Free Press (UK). In 2011 he co-authored my favorite thing (bottle rockets press), which was shortlisted for the Touchstone Distinguished Book Award. He is the co-founder of Montague Street Journal: The Art of Bob Dylan and […]

Intermittent Visitors: Karen Skolfield

  Karen Skolfield‘s book Frost in the Low Areas (2013) won the First Book Award for Poetry from Zone 3 Press. Skolfield is the poetry editor for Amherst Live, a quarterly production of poetry, politics, and more. She’s also a contributing editor at the literary magazine Stirring and her poems have appeared in Apple Valley […]

Cummins Falls

Three of my poems, and some supplemental stuff, appeared at Poem of the Week this week! Additionally, I had the opportunity to cross a bucket list item off my list. I wanted to have the experience of standing within a waterfall, so I could feel the power and excitement of the water rushing over my […]

I think some of the most exciting work being produced right now is happening at the margins, and it’s tremendous to have a hand in getting it before the public.

Loren Kleinman interviewed me at her blog!

Tails the Penguin and I hang out at the Gatlinburg aquarium.