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flywheels dividing in your mouth

Stirring just reprinted my poem “The Butterfly Factory.”

His face white as the centre of a burn

New poem “Bluebeard” just posted at Chizine!

I say, “Yes,/Grampie, that’s me. I’m Sharon’s daughter./I’m your granddaughter. You know me.”

Stirring has just put out their April issue, which contains my “Rex Sestina.”


This year I’m not doing it. I’ll still be posting a daily poem and prompt like I’ve done in years past, but I’m too busy getting Upper Rubber Boot Books off the ground to write a poem every day. URB will be publishing ebooks of poetry, short story collections, and novels, both new and out-of-print. […]

Rolled cuffs—

Four and Twenty just posted their March 2011 issue (that links to their link to it, but here’s a direct link to the pdf). My poem “Summer in Tennessee” is on the penultimate page before the bios. For those of you interested in genesis, it’s a failed haiku. I couldn’t compress it enough to make […]

I took the bladders of blood to the blood bank. The teller was a young woman in a smart black suit with big lapels that looked like they had coathanger wire inside them to keep the points pointy. Her face was as blank and innocent as a head of lettuce, like all the rest of them.

Hey everybody, the Strange Horizons 2010 readers poll closes tomorrow. I have a short story (“Sundowning“) and a poem (“Improving on Nature“) up for it. Also I thought Meghan McCarron’s short “We Heart Vampires” and Peg Duthie’s poem “By Way of Sorrow” were stand-outs. Vote here: ETA: Results here.

steered by a virgin

My short, short, short story “The unicorn pulls…” (originally called “Work Requirements”) was reprinted today at Trapeze Magazine.

“Facial Deficits”

My news! Let me tell you it! PANK just accepted my facial allotransplantation short story. THAT’S RIGHT I’M AWESOME.

I have a lot of things to say…

…mainly about epidemiology and Bobby Rogers (who I saw read on Thursday; short version = he’s great) and more on gender parity, but it all has to wait because I’m in the middle of an epic submission spree (yes, because of the gender parity discussion), but I had to let you all know: Trapeze just […]

Gender parity at Seven by Twenty

Further to my last post and the lack of data to determine what’s going on there, I wondered how Seven by Twenty fares in terms of gender parity. I don’t believe I’m particularly biased (although of course I’m a product of my culture and some biases are inherent there) and I don’t think I pay […]