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a multitude of daggers

My ebook “A Multitude of Daggers” is now available on Amazon! It’s a Kindle edition only for now. Once I finish working out the kinks for epub I’ll put that up too, and add vendors (Apple istore, B&N, etc.). I’m having a few technical difficulties with my process for epub which I expect to straighten […]

the angle to tip an oar and tear through it

Riddle Fence just accepted my poem “Getting Wet from Head to Toe” for their November issue! They published “The Hotel” awhile ago, and do a really beautiful job on the physical object of the journal with artwork and design and paper quality all beautifully balanced (as well as of course publishing genius work, present company […]

long I stayed alone with the corpse

My poem “Whose Tongue is the Wind’s Tongue?” will be in the December issue—36: Electronic(a)—of Cordite Poetry Review. Cordite pushes the boundaries in ways that few other journals do, and I really respect and admire their efforts, so I’m particularly pleased that they’ve accepted this poem, a cento* (or poetry mash-up) that I wrote back […]

loon cries

The August issue of Four and Twenty is up, with one of my short poems in it.


The Furnace Review has published my very short poem “Bumblebee.”

loon calls over the water

This weekend has been kind of insanely productive. I’ve been hard at work on stuff relating to starting my publishing company, Upper Rubber Boot Books, and publishing a best-of-type anthology of work from Seven by Twenty, for several months now, and this weekend I finished a bunch of related tasks, notably getting an EIN, updating […]

bragging on my Dad

The July-August 2011 issue of Home Shop Machinist has my Dad Peter Merriam’s article “Digital Camera to Microscope Adapter” in it.

how 2 is 4 part two

Those four haiku were published really fast: “dandelion cracked sidewalk” on Friday, and today “the moon’s astonished,” “robots at the park” and “robot dreams.”

how 2 is 4

Two haiku acceptances today: one at escarp and one (for three scifaiku) at microcosms.

So I’ve been busy

This is some of what’s been keeping me busy: In writing news, I sold a poem to The Furnace Review! Yay! I love them. Also, I have two poems in the recently released issue of The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, including my sci-fi adaptation of Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons.