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Category Archives: Photos By Me

I keep meaning to go skating.

It’s supposed to be below freezing all week, so perhaps I’ll finally get my chance.

None of the muppets were good at what they wanted to be.

  New post up at Vary the Line about using traditional songs and verses in your poetry. I started thinking about it because “Angels We Have Heard On High,” a poem about my niece’s reaction to Christmas, was published today. In other news, it is snowing here in Tennessee. Surely the end times are upon […]

The Batcave

The batcave is our back driveway – it’s surrounded by wildly growing bamboo and trees and shrubs and things, so it’s basically hidden if you don’t know where to look. I spent an hour today mid-afternoon taking photos and with the sun slanting into everything, the light was just amazing golden miracle making everything look […]