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Goodness it’s a ghost town

Have only just realized it’s been nearly a year since I’ve updated. I’m very active at Facebook, and otherwise my time has been basically completely subsumed by my press Upper Rubber Boot Books (website; FB; Tumblr; Twitter) and hiking. I expect it’ll be awhile before I update again since I only think to do so […]

How to Live on Other Planets and other news

Since my last update, the whirlwind has continued: I got to spend an amazing eight days in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, two of them with my sister and four of them at a work conference (one of the doctors I admin assist was President of the national organization holding the conference – nothing at all […]


I drove home to Nova Scotia with my housemate Diana last weekend, and we did all. the. things. It’s a three-day drive, if you do it like sane people and stop when you get tired, but we turned it into a two-day drive by sleeping and driving in shifts. On Monday, we went to Cora’s […]

We visited friends in Memphis, TN and Austin, TX.

  Memphis The Crystal Shrine Grotto in the Memorial Park Cemetery, a man-made cave of crystals, with dioramas of the life of Christ. The Pool of Hebron beside the grotto, in front of the Cave of Machpelah. The Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and site of the National Civil Rights Museum […]


I’ve decided to publish a new chapbook of speculative poetry and microfiction at the end of February, so they’re available for sale at 2010: A Space Oddity. I plan to do a limited, numbered edition of 100, with a mix of three different covers. I’m taking advance orders now via PayPal to (or mail […]

What do you wish?

I didn’t catch the exact name of this exhibit when we visited the museum in January, and I can’t find it on their website, but the idea was, they’d taken wishes from people and printed them, and you could buy a wish ribbon with a small donation, and submit your own wish. They said things […]

Things that make me happy.

It won’t be winter forever.

Consider the puffin.

In the attic of childish desires puffin is king — sentimental, avuncular. – from “Quiet and Getting Quieter” by Nancy Schoenberger

I miss Tennessee.