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Category Archives: People I Know

I wonder if the uncle thought no one could see him (no one seemed to notice), I wonder if he thought I would just let him do it (I didn’t say anything), I wonder if he thought I would take him up on some offer (the adult in me now yells angry insults, as if the one adult in the green-white-brown shadows of that room to stand up and protest, ‘What kind of asshole is this guy!?’).

Read “Still Life with Nixon on the Beach” by Elissa Field.

His old pick-up had been their home for three and a half years of wandering until Bookie had gone inside. The truck was won in a fight, like everything else of value they’d had in those days.

Read “Native” by Jim Walke.

Millionaires, we presume, and we agree that we hate them.

Read “Wedding Night” by Rebecca Makkai.

the cognitive dissidence: I still don’t know/the right words to speak to what lands/on the unsuspecting grass, to bare witness,/to make that mute point

Read “Eggcorns” by Heather Kamins.

He could feel the head of the ax pressing against the top of his hand, the weight of the rifle in his other hand, and with a slight horror he realized that by holding both he would be able to use neither.

Read “The Clearing” by Alexi Zentner.

When we were children, my sister and I used to walk to school in the morning and one day we found a small girl. She had fallen from a tree.

Read “Into the Rainforest” by Jenniey Tallman.

The imperceptible fills the world

Read “Rattle and Squeak and Moan” by David M. Harris.

Venus in the west.

Read “Starting from a Line by Monica Mayper” by David M. Harris.

He said foyer the way the French do.

Read “What Have You Done With My Love” by Karin Rosman.

He left her sitting in snow until a stranger collected her. She had to be delivered to the hospital instead.

Read “Thursday on Bus 26” by Sandra Soli.