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Writing for an internet article mill.

I’ve been working for Demand Studios since May 2010. I wrote 149 articles in 2010, earning a total of $1012.50.     I mostly wrote two kinds of articles – $3 “Tip” articles which were one- or two-sentence answers for questions on sites like, and $15 “About” and “List” articles which were longer (500 […]

Robert A. Heinlein: The Blog Symposium

This is pretty cool: On August 17, Tor Books will publish the first half of William H. Patterson Jr.’s two-volume authorized biography of Robert A. Heinlein, Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century: Volume 1, 1907-1948: Learning Curve. In commemoration of this, we’ve convened a kind of online panel discussion of Heinlein and of […]

what one dad drinks when he can’t afford vodka

Until 29 March, Ron Mattocks (or his publisher) is giving away a free chapter from his book Sugar Milk.

legal neepery of interest only to copyright holders and their publishers

The Amended Settlement filed in Authors Guild v. Google creates a non-profit Book Rights Registry governed by authors and publishers to oversee the settlement on their behalf. A Fairness Hearing has been scheduled for February 18, 2010; authors have until January 28, 2010 to opt out of the agreement. The SFWA is objecting to (among […]

it is what is not there that leads me astray

Read “Rape Me Barbie” by Jenniey Tallman.

I never sleep in a tie; I maintain my independence there.

Read “An Impolite Interview with Shel Silverstein” (via; warning: distasteful homophobia in part of the interview)


Amusing Ourselves to Death (via)

My cardiologist ordered me not to exercise. I’m like a bald tire. The slower you go, the longer it lasts.

Read “Sustenance,” an essay by Janice Dvorak.

We play hopscotch with a wine-colored Monte Carlo from Moncton to Petitcodiac.

Raging Face just reprinted “Got Your Back Door,” which is about the time Drew drove me down in his big rig to visit Alan in Tennessee.