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What I Did On My Vacation

My folks went home Wednesday after an almost two-week long visit. I took both Fridays off work so we could have some extra time together, and we went to Cheekwood (as you know), the Nashville Zoo (which has a new baby giraffe, but we missed it – it was born the day Mom and Dad […]

Chihuly at Cheekwood

Chihuly at Cheekwood

Wind-up writers’ festival

The Southern Festival of Books is this weekend, and I went today to see Paolo Bacigalupi, Brian Yansky, Sara Lewis Holmes, Dana Reinhardt and a bunch of people from the writing group, the Nashville Writers’ Alliance. I really enjoyed it–made me a bit homesick for The Word on the Street though, not that I’m not […]

Difficult Listening

WRFN Radio Free Nashville‘s “Difficult Listening” will be featuring my work along with another Canadian poet’s between 10 a.m. and noon, Central time, today (they can’t archive at present).

2010: A Space Oddity

Wow, the NRA is advertising on my site. They’re so not who I picture as Project Wonderful’s demographic, but me and my gun will totally take their money. Back from Tuscaloosa, from 2010: A Space Oddity, at the University of Alabama. I drove down with Peg Duthie (she drove, I navigated incompetently*). We got a […]

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

The organizers of 2010: A Space Oddity (mentioned formerly) have sent me a tentative list of their events: The Art of Book Covers: A/V Pesentation on how illustration and design come together to create a book cover. *Lou Anders, three time Hugo nominated Editorial Director and Chesley Award Winning Art Director of Pyr Books hosts […]

Click the poster. Click it.

Saw this at the library today:

2010: A Space Oddity

This minicon in Tuscaloosa, AL is still evolving, but here’s the information I have right now: it’s Saturday, 6 March 2010, 10:30 am until 8:30 pm, in Shelby Hall on the University of Alabama campus. Lou Anders, Jack McDevitt and David Kopaska-Merkel will be there (and so will I). I’ve heard a few other names […]