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The 2009 Rhysling Awards are now open to nominations from SFPA members. My eligible poems (all for the short poem category) this year are: “Werepenguin.” Strange Horizons, 10 March 2008. “Venusian Girls Are Better.” Coyote Wild. January 2008 Vol 2 Issue 1. “The Aviary.” Chizine, Issue #35 (January – March 2008). I’m fond of these […]

Atlantic Writing Awards

The shortlist for the Atlantic Writing Awards was announced last weekend. Since I did the web design for it, I already knew I wasn’t on it. This week I got my formal letter from the Fed, though, telling me my book wasn’t on it, with a handwritten note from Jane (my ex-co-worker) saying, “You should […]

no need for breath

Strange Horizons published my poem “Cherries for Buttons” today. Their Readers’ Choice Awards 2005 are open for voting until March 17. Anybody can vote. You can vote for up to 5 poems. Coincidentally, I have five eligible poems: “Surface Properties“; “The Rainy Season“; “First Contact“; “Settler’s Song“; and “The Greening.” (Personally I think “The Rainy […]

Walking Hibernation

My short story “Walking Hibernation” won third place in the fiction category of the 2004 Strange Horizons Reader’s Choice Awards. I’m really very flattered.