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porn cunnilingus panties kittens: no, “diffibulate”

Every now and again I get a fit of responsibility about this blog and think I should keep track of things like whether anybody reads it, so at one point I installed Google Analytics. Because Google doesn’t know enough about me already, apparently. My favourite thing to do with Google Analytics is see what weird […]

this is old but still made me giggle

Improving on Nature

Just for fun, I made a little movie of my poem “Improving on Nature” which appeared on Strange Horizons a few weeks ago.

Oh, I didn’t know you were naked! Oh, sweetie. Listen. If you want to get breast implants, we will support you. Not financially, but emotionally. Do not push your mother! Do not–

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Get on that pig and ride.


Very dreadful expressions are also by draymen and others in addressing their horses. What can possibly induce a human being to say “Gee woot!” “‘Mather way!” or “Woa!” not to mention the atrocious “Kim aup!” of the ignorant and degraded costermonger.

I’m reading Percival Leigh’s The Comic English Grammar: a new and facetious introduction to the English tongue, which is part of the Emory University Library‘s yellowback novels (via). Also in that collection: some probably really wretched and/or hilarious (“probably” because I haven’t read them yet) romance novels like The fossicker a romance of Mashonaland, Hard […]

Updated list of nicknames for CGR

AKA: Big Blessing Big Cat Big Face Big Guy Big Kitty Living Big Kitty Nights Big Pants Big Poppa Biggun’ Catbearpig Catbutt C.G.R. Chairman Meow Dr. Lounge (because he has a PhD in relaxology) Fat Rounds Fat Times at Ridgemont High FatBeth Fatticus Finch Fatpants Fatty von Fattenburg Featherbelly Featherbritches Featherchest Firebelly Fluffy Britches HMS […]

i love interludes

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Waste your entire day

reading the Chuck Lorre Productions Official Vanity Card Archives.