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Category Archives: Ahahahahahah!

So, um.

I said, Make me something to eat. She yelled,/Poof! You’re a casserole!—and laughed so hard/she fell out of the bed. Take care of her.

Read “Praying Drunk” by Andrew Hudgins.

How we domesticated dogs.


The joys of curling.


He said there’s like a barn type thing around the back.


Two videos related to zombies & Christmas.

You’re welcome.

I like how this is both filthy and adorable.

hungover owls

“I feel like shit and my wallet’s missing. It’s like I mugged myself.”

instant what? mashed potatoes.

The villanelle is the most restrictive of all sandwich forms. (Also, creating something bestows no privilege of insight.)

Don’t drink and drive here, listen to what I say, even though we put our liquor stores right on the highway