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Monthly Archives: October 2011

We went on a hot air balloon ride this morning.

Getting the basket ready. Unrolling the balloon. Inflating the balloon. More inflation (now with heat). Franklin area from above. (This was really cool, but I didn’t get a whole lot of impressive photos.) Me. Treetops (on the descent). Alan getting left behind, briefly. They had some people get out when we landed, to help walk […]

We went to Gatlinburg for the weekend.

View from our cabin. Blue heron posing for the paparazzi. We went to the aquarium. Jellyfish. What up. Penguins! We will be going back to pet them. Gourds cleverly disguised as penguins.

Settler’s Song

Podcast journal StarShipSofa 208 contains my poem “Settler’s Song” at 1:19:25.

a multitude of daggers

My ebook “A Multitude of Daggers” is now available on Amazon! It’s a Kindle edition only for now. Once I finish working out the kinks for epub I’ll put that up too, and add vendors (Apple istore, B&N, etc.). I’m having a few technical difficulties with my process for epub which I expect to straighten […]