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Monthly Archives: July 2011

loon calls over the water

This weekend has been kind of insanely productive. I’ve been hard at work on stuff relating to starting my publishing company, Upper Rubber Boot Books, and publishing a best-of-type anthology of work from Seven by Twenty, for several months now, and this weekend I finished a bunch of related tasks, notably getting an EIN, updating […]

bragging on my Dad

The July-August 2011 issue of Home Shop Machinist has my Dad Peter Merriam’s article “Digital Camera to Microscope Adapter” in it.

how 2 is 4 part two

Those four haiku were published really fast: “dandelion cracked sidewalk” on Friday, and today “the moon’s astonished,” “robots at the park” and “robot dreams.”

how 2 is 4

Two haiku acceptances today: one at escarp and one (for three scifaiku) at microcosms.

There’s no way to know / from where our next light will come — / if we should look to heaven or to earth — so / I choose to be aware of the closeness, / thin boundary between mountain-shadow / and sea-salt starfield.

Read “Months after the Mt. Cashmere Wildfire, with Meteors” by Luke Johnson.

▌♥ ▌& Oaklands Historic House Museum

Went to Oaklands Historic House Museum yesterday with my friend Diana. It was pretty interesting, and our guide was able to answer all our many questions. I now covet these sofas they have that have three distinct upholstered backs, which I have just this second learned are called medallion backs, like this (only theirs had […]