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Monthly Archives: December 2010

those habits of living which keep a life a life

Read five poems by Richard Blanco.

Two videos related to zombies & Christmas.

You’re welcome.

glad for snowballs

Every Day Poets published my “An Argument in Favor of Snow” today.

I like how this is both filthy and adorable.

Even a wedding, seven blessings and the glass stamped underfoot like a reminder of every broken thing, would have suited him more than the subway crush of a hot summer’s night, coming home from the fireworks: announcements too garbled to make out in the rattle and rush of darkness past the windows and Clare jammed up against an ESL advertisement and a black woman with the face of an aging Persian cat, sure she had lost her mind. But if she had, then so had every second person she had met since the Fourth of July; so had the universe, to let him slip through.

Read “The Dybbuk in Love” by Sonya Taaffe.

We call this one Vagina Roadmap because of all the arrows.

The best thing I’ve ever read about paper snowflakes. I read some of the names of the snowflakes to my roommate, who promptly told me that he’d just found out that in ELO’s song “Don’t Bring Me Down,” they are not saying Bruce. I never thought they were saying Bruce (I thought they just made […]

While I was writing this, I spilled tomato soup all over my desk. THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. (/dramaqueen)

I got my contributors’ copy (contributor’s copy? where does the apostrophe go? there’s only one of me, but many contributors…) of the November issue of Scifaikuest, which contains my scifaiku “autumn visit.” I also just ran across this listing of Metafilter authors, which includes me. I’m internet famous! I am also pretty sick. I probably […]

My fairies can resist strong winds and go where I wish them, according to the instructions I have laid into their ‘brains,’ which are based on the papers Babbage has published.

Read “Clockwork Fairies” by Cat Rambo.

“Tacky costume jewelry,” she said as if the quality of the earrings angered her more than their presence in her bedroom.

Read “In the Event of My Father’s Death” by Roxane Gay.

The terrain now is different from when he was younger.

Read “Big Boy Graveyard, Marquette, Michigan” by Jennifer A. Howard (via).