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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Chihuly at Cheekwood

Chihuly at Cheekwood

Venus in the west.

Read “Starting from a Line by Monica Mayper” by David M. Harris.

I got out of bed. I’d taken to sleeping naked. He took a good look at me before reacting.

Per Contra has just published my literary short “Toy Boy.”

American Lit List

I’ve really gotten away from reading from my American Lit List in the past year. I embarked on this ambitious reading project in December 2007, with the end goal of having read whatever American novels I probably would have read had I grown up here (with the caveat that I have an English degree, so […]

Wind-up writers’ festival

The Southern Festival of Books is this weekend, and I went today to see Paolo Bacigalupi, Brian Yansky, Sara Lewis Holmes, Dana Reinhardt and a bunch of people from the writing group, the Nashville Writers’ Alliance. I really enjoyed it–made me a bit homesick for The Word on the Street though, not that I’m not […]

Darkness was not a cover.

I just saw Molly Peacock read at Vanderbilt. She’s tremendously expressive–one of the audience members asked about the performance aspect of her poetry and she said that somebody (a voice coach? I think?) had asked why she only uses the middle register of her voice when she reads, and it was like a light went […]

Everything that stinks is instinctual.

Aaaaaand I just noticed that Prick of the Spindle‘s September 2010 issue came out (probably, um, back in September) with my “The Casualty Notification Officer” and “Everything that Divides.” (The title of this post is a deleted line from the former.)

You can’t make the rent and there’s no more booze.

My poem “Hamiltons” is a contestant in the 10-10-10 Poetry Contest. Each poem had to be ten lines of ten words each somehow relating to the theme of “ten.” Some of the other poems are pretty sweet too. The winner is decided according to how many positive comments it gets. If you like my poem, […]