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Monthly Archives: September 2010

i love interludes

(via metafilter)

The second roach is in the living room, crawling along the molding. Jessie waits with the vacuum until it’s close enough that she can suck it up. Just before it disappears into the hose, she sees it spread its wings and point its antennae backwards like it’s offended.

Read “And She Shall Be Crowned According to Her Station” by Genevieve Valentine.

GOD JUST GOT BETTER. This is pretty funny, and then when it’s over you feel defeated and hopeless because the world is such a mess. Enjoy.

(via metafilter)


Save the Words is a pretty cool little website. Go learn some new words. Also, awesome spam comment: “Why aren’t there bullet-proof pants?”

Waste your entire day

reading the Chuck Lorre Productions Official Vanity Card Archives.

their skeleton ground down/and thrown on the metallic topiary

Strange Horizons published my poem “Improving on Nature” today.

cows and cows and cows

I imagined thin, parched men and women, kneeling for supplication, and gods descending from the clouds of heaven in flowing garments of silk and bedecked with jewels. Like a mythological drama, except that this was the alleged past of my people.

Read “Where It Ends” by Swapna Kishore.