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This poem was originally published in My Poem Rocks * (6 July 2009).

I used words and phrases from this poem as search terms on flickr, and then selected photos from the search results (whether or not the photos had anything to do with the poem) and made the above collage.

While the above pictures in the collage, and the collage as a whole, have been used with permission under various CC licenses, this is not to be considered a collective work – reproduction of all items not explicitly under the CC license is prohibited without the expressed consent of the owner.

Source photos: “heart bokeh2” by sure2talk ; “All Broken-Hearted” by Orin Zebest ; “Queen of Hearts Chefs” by Peter E. Lee ; “Black & White” by Ramona.Forcella ; “You left me…” by Xanetia ; “. Heart eye (L)” by Juliana Coutinho ; “Turn at your own safety” by Lori Eldridge ; “Love Heart ring” by pennydogaccessories ; “Birthday cake” by Mara ~earth light~ free potential ; and “bleeding hearts DSC_3246” by Gregs Landscaping.

Look Away: a literary found photos project

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One Comment

  1. A creative and thought provoking image. Thanks for using my texture.

    Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 1:17 am | Permalink