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Monthly Archives: June 2010

The golem is made of dishes. Its arms are pieces of bowls. Its belly is humongous dinner plates. Its legs are ceramic slivers—there’s no telling what those used to be. Its face is made of serving platters, flat and white and simple like the ones you get at Target. Its salt-shaker nose is leaking salt, and the golem sneezes, swaying tentatively towards me.

Read “Kifli” by Rose Lemberg.

It drinks like thirsting earth.

Read “Tapping the Vine” by Sonya Taaffe.

’cause solid currency’s the hardest to love

Frequently (Un)asked Questions

I’ve decided I’m going to start posting some answers to common questions writers get, or that we ask each other, or that readers ask me. What would you like to know? Post a question in the comments, and I’ll probably answer it in a later post.

It’s our type of brooch. A reddish stone with little blue flecks in it. Not beautiful and of little value. It’s like us in that. But it’ll help to prove I’m one of us. That’s its only worth.

Read “On Not Going Extinct” by Carol Emshwiller.

And within the right light,/she’s witnessed how gray can shine/as a weary, honest silver.

Read “The Language of Waiting” by Peg Duthie.

“I wrote this part for Minnie because I know she can do that noirish thing with humor but keep it real,” he said. “And this scene is key because she really has to convince the audience that she’s desperate but in control at the same time? The little frog is really valuable, too, so she can’t break it but she almost does? She’s a genius for that kind of slapstick.”

Read “Minnie Driver” (pdf) by Amy Weingartner.

It was many, many days ago and once upon a time when you waited for your Mom outside the hospital after Bruce told you it was time to go home, and when you got in your Mom’s blue car you said you saw Snow White because her hair was like your black licorice candy and her face looked like the snow and you saw the blood on the sheet like the blood Snow White’s Mom threw on the snow to make her lips, but her lips didn’t look like blood that day; they looked like the color of Grammum’s legs and the Wicked Stepmother who walked behind Snow White said, “What are you staring at? Get away.” And you said, “Sno Why.” And Sean who drives the truck with the light on top and always says hello to you unless he has to carry somebody fast said, “Why don’t you wait over there, Joey?” And you said “Hi Shun, is ‘at Sno Why?” And he said, “I don’t have time to talk now, Joey. You go wait over there, and we’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” But you never talked to Sean about Snow White and now she is dead.

Read “Now Snow White is Dead” by Nannette Croce.

The all powerful Brontësaurus!

And when you get old and start losing your hair

The recent Modern Family episode with the ukulele version of “Eye of the Tiger” reminded me of this: “MMMBop – the Leonard Cohen ukulele version” (via).