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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Babies dancing on tables.

and, inevitably…

Together with daily horrors,/Life doles out these small pleasures

Read “Past the Cemetery” by Charles Simic.

In the wake of the hovercraft the cobblestones were darker than before, by an increment of congealing blood.

Read “The Boys” by Charles Stross.

from “Tease” by D.H. Lawrence

You have fingered all my treasures,    Have you not, most curiously, Handled all my tools and measures    And masculine machinery? Over every single beauty    You have had your little rapture; You have slain, as was your duty,    Every sin-mouse you could capture. Still you are not satisfied,    Still you tremble faint reproach; Challenge me I […]

When George first started shoplifting, she’d palmed anything portable, from candy bars to nail clippers. Now she specialized in nail polish. By her last count, she had acquired two hundred and twenty-three individual colors. She had posted this on her Facebook status, and some kid from middle school wrote on her wall that she was a “luser.” George decided this made him look way dumber than her, but she still deleted the wall post. Then she unfriended him. George thought of herself as mature because she was not afraid to unfriend someone. Even Bob didn’t unfriend. Though, admittedly, Bob had seven hundred and ninety-one friends and was the founder of the group “WE HEART VAMPIRES!!!!!!” No one called Bob a luser. She got “sllllluuuuuutttt.”

Read “WE HEART VAMPIRES!!!!!!” by Meghan McCarron.

winter surprise

I was too busy working and then standing in line for 3 1/2 hours at Green Hills for Alan’s iPhone (my anniversary gift to him) to post about this yesterday, but microcosms posted a horrorku of mine. Today my copy of Third Wednesday arrived with my “Terzanelle for Dominion Beach” in it. Lovely!

Even the water tastes like shreds

Read “The Wailing Well” by Peg Duthie.

After an awful lot of consideration, I’ve finally decided I like this song.

flailing their/MBA’s in one’s face, determined to drag/one down to their bottom line.

Read “Some Zombies One Should Avoid” by G. O. Clark.

The sash window/faces perfectly/north-west. You checked.

Read “Holiday of a Lifetime” by Nick Laird.