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Monthly Archives: February 2010

dancing flash mobs make me happy


best author photo ever

Seriously. Scroll to the bottom.

And thou’st to blame.

Behold the brilliance that is Kate Beaton. (And also, my chapbook Edgewise is still available for pre-order.)

weird spam

I get a lot of spam comments, from people with usernames like, “buy generic viagra,” and generally the fake comment is something really bland like, “this blog is really great,” as though you’ll be so flattered you won’t notice their name. But today I got a really great one: “How much money would you have […]

casino lights

tinywords has posted one of my haiku and so has Four and Twenty.

hitch-hike on the tailpipe of a car

Read “Little Ghosts” by Duane Ackerson. And my chapbook Edgewise is still available for pre-order.


Your Food Environment Atlas: Get a spatial overview of a community’s ability to access healthy food and its success in doing so. From the USDA. (via)

The cat wants the dogs balls. That can’t be right.

My roommate’s cat Can’t Get Right, who suffered a traumatic head injury as a kitten, likes to lie on the washer and look out the windows at the birds and squirrels which grace our backyard. I was out there on Sunday throwing balls for the dog and I heard a thunk behind me as the […]

Life is a constant surprise when you have Alzheimer’s.

Strange Horizons published my short story “Sundowning” today. This is a very personal story for me: my maternal grandfather had Alzheimer’s for several years before he died last February, and my maternal grandmother has just had to be put in a home because of hers. The character in the story is not either of my […]

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

The organizers of 2010: A Space Oddity (mentioned formerly) have sent me a tentative list of their events: The Art of Book Covers: A/V Pesentation on how illustration and design come together to create a book cover. *Lou Anders, three time Hugo nominated Editorial Director and Chesley Award Winning Art Director of Pyr Books hosts […]