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Monthly Archives: October 2009

I can’t love anyone/proud of setting me up to fail.

Read Peg Duthie’s “Kol Nidre.”

I don’t have veins for giving blood

Read “Talk About Failure” by Kelle Groom.

the bottoms of my feet appearing, disappearing

les vers sont dans la pomme

The daft/joy of birds and the freeway’s dirty rumble

Read “Blind Choreography” (pdf) by Susan Buis.

Let us be your typewriter repair center.

Read “You love these machines. These machines are dead: a love story.” by Igloowhite. (via)

Packaging vs. Reality

Check out Food in Real Life.

after which each child would be quizzed/by me then executed by drowning

Read “ Hangover” by Billy Collins.

Do you no how I feel?/I love you more and still yet more. Your frend.

Read “Illiterate Love Note” by William Baer.

Listen, listen to the holler.

My peeps at nanoism are having a life story serial contest – write five tweets (pieces of 140 characters or less) that work separately, and together make a complete life story (they note: “the interpretation of ‘life story’ and how to do it is up to you”).