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Monthly Archives: October 2009

une nuit dehors

Shagged by a rare parrot

keeper of oranges and apples

Watch “Flash Cards” by Rita Dove.

I’m sick/of him throwing deep-thinking/genius men up at me.

Read “Shooting Kinesha” by Daisy Fried.

it can’t unhappen as you/backpedal wildly

Read “The Cliffs of Mistake” by Molly Peacock.

An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has teh firmmint wich iz funny bibel naim 4 ceiling, so wuz teh twoth day.

Read the LOLCat Bible Translation Project.

in what was once your house

Senator Al Franken drawing US map from memory


Ba. Ba ba. Ba ba ba… ba ba ba ba.

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

Practically the first thing she did when she took in the alien was to give him a new name.

Escape Pod has just published my short story “Little Ambushes” as a podcast. (It was originally published over at Strange Horizons.)