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Monthly Archives: July 2009


Create your own snowflake (via: because all I do these days is read MeFi). Also, almost naked animals paper toys.

How can it be that I’ve never posted this before?

This song, created entirely from sounds from Alice in Wonderland, is really great to listen to after a long day at work.

Adelaide Crapsey’s “The Warning”

Just now, Out of the strange Still dusk… as strange, as still… A white moth flew… Why am I grown So cold?

that’s it, I’m going to Comic-Com next year

The Comic-Con 2009 Cosplay Gallery — 600 Amazing Costumes (via)

I can’t say why it was that Eric chose to sleep and study most of the time in our kitchen pantry.

Read “Eric” – a story in pictures by Shaun Tan (via).

the suicide lane

A few wee bits of writing news: I’m the editor, so this doesn’t really count as a publication credit, but I reprinted a scifaiku over at 7×20 (and am taking submissions). Also, Read Write Poem’s abecedarian prompt has inspired me to work on a poem featuring words between lane and suicide, which I hope to […]

My favourite suggests that perhaps, in retrospect, the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbour may have been something of a mistake.

Read “On the Destruction of Copenhagen by the War-Machines of the Merfolk” by Peter M. Ball.

He sat on the cold stone floor of the cell and waited, trying to calm himself with thoughts of the outside world, but it was as if he’d come into existence in the cell and his other life was nothing but a dream or an idle wish.

Read “The Dictator Considers His Regime” (pdf) by Ian Colford.

he held the proper opinions for the time of year

Read “The Unknown Citizen” by W. H. Auden.

She nodded, not looking at him.

I’ve had a few publications since my last post: the twitter zine Tweetthemeat published a horror nanofiction and Nanoism has published the first in a three-part serial.