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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Mon petit chou

Read “Anniversary Letter from Metropolis” by Valerie Duff.

You seem all right if you buy us a beer.

Read “1966” by Denis Johnson.

the net’s hate machine

Stephanie Meyer vs 4chan.

While I might take this matter up with the police, I prefer, as a gentleman, to meet with you and decide the matter by force.

Read “The Early Deaths of Lubeck, Brennan, Harp, and Carr” by Jesse Ball.

assuming there is/such a secret

A wonderful prompt from Read Write Poem (“what I could never tell my mother“) has me thinking about secrets and this.

manuscript evaluation service

Since I haven’t found a job yet, I’m offering a Pay My Rent Discount on poetry critiques from now until 30 June 2009: in US funds, $25 for up to 10 pages, or $75 for up to 48 pages, or $125 for up to 80 pages. Details here.

I can neither play the drums nor the piano.

Watch Amateur by Lasse Gjertsen.

this play of splintered radiance

Superficial by Michel de Broin (via).

Who’s your favourite uncle?

Uncle Magic, the Hip Hop Magician

the mathematical equation for God and hope

Read “POME” by Joshua Michael Stewart.