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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Michael Steele apparently had a stroke while on the air.

“Crazy nonsense empathetic! I’ll give you empathy. Empathize right on your behind. Craziness!” – RNC Chair Michael Steele (via)

Animals with Cocks

I’ve always loved Herman the bunny. I once told my husband that my love for him (for my husband, that is) was about the size of a bunny rabbit… Herman the bunny rabbit. (I specialize in dumb sentimentality.) And now, I’ve found out that a friend of mine has started this definitely not-safe-for-work website, which […]

I guess it’s because I just love… owls.

Craig Ferguson talks about poetry (bit starts around 1:51) & does Edward Lear in response to the first White House poetry night.

A Frank Booth-in-Blue Velvet-like undertone to ‘Just then Sophie’s daddy came home.’

London Review Blog on Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

If you wish to leave, please do so quietly.

Again and again, witnesses told Laurie of a sound, something they heard that night that was different—a screaming blast, a crack, a rocket. What was clear was that it had made no sense to them. The East Enders knew the nightmare of aerial bombardment: the sirens, the drone of aircraft, the rumble of guns. They […]


Satire isn’t even possible anymore.

I’m a feminist, and I’m a poet, but am I a feminist poet?

Some interesting discussion of feminist poetry here, by Mark Wallace (via) including a list of feminist poets.

The broken and confused monarchist in me loves this.

Happy Victoria Day.

Imagine interrupting your own funeral.

The VA guy on the phone told us all but a handful of Mal’s fellow prisoners had been wiped out in some terrible circumstance. Malcolm was found alive but he had lost every bit of what went before (only just got identified by a survivor). Said it would all come back eventually and not to […]

You start to hum.

It’s necessary to reserve a secret vice. – from “In the Secular Night” by Margaret Atwood