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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Letters”

Every day brings a ship, Every ship brings a word; Well for those who have no fear. Looking seaward, well assured That the word the vessel brings Is the word they wish to hear.

The hard rain is about to begin.

Clockwise Cat has just published three of my poems: “Eligibility for Citizenship,” “The Trendelenburg Position” and “We’ll Call Them Martyrs.” (They’re behind in getting things posted, so even though the post is dated February, it just went up today.) If you’re lying on your back with your feet higher than your head, you’re in the […]

they had no difficulty calculating with metric figures

There were three Empresses of Mars. The first one was a bar at the Settlement. The second was the lady who ran the bar; though her title was strictly informal, having been bestowed on her by the regular customers, and her domain extended no further than the pleasantly gloomy walls of the only place you […]

NaPoWriMo Blogroll

If you’d like to be added to – or removed from – the NaPoWriMo Blogroll in the sidebar, please email me at joannemerriam @ (remove the spaces).

Kiwi! by Dony Permedi

What is behind it?

It hangs from heaven to earth. There are trees in it, cities, rivers, small pigs and moons. – read “Tapestry” by Charles Simic

I didn’t know men could make cat noises.

Unlike me, Jack had a religious upbringing. He and his twin sister were forced to take two hours of religion classes every day in school, K through twelve. One day, Jack’s third-grade teacher spotted him daydreaming and asked, “Jack, why do we worship Jesus? Why don’t we worship, say, you?” Startled, Jack said, “Not enough […]

I’ve already had an ink bath.

Alan and I went to the New England Webcomics Weekend on Saturday. We attended a panel on print vs web (vs bear) – an issue I’m keenly interested in, although not so much from a comics industry point of view. We got to meet David Willis, who parked next to us in the parking lot, […]

Some point later than we should.

Two of my poems have just come out: “The Hitch in Yr Getalong.” My Poem Rocks. “Evolution.” Mise En Poem.

second-day-of-spring march

i’ve come to realize people die weather or not – read “spring” by matt robinson