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no need for breath

Strange Horizons published my poem “Cherries for Buttons” today. Their Readers’ Choice Awards 2005 are open for voting until March 17. Anybody can vote. You can vote for up to 5 poems. Coincidentally, I have five eligible poems: “Surface Properties“; “The Rainy Season“; “First Contact“; “Settler’s Song“; and “The Greening.” (Personally I think “The Rainy Season” and “The Greening” are the best of these.)

Peg Duthie also has an eligible poem; so does Neile Graham. I won’t take it personally if you vote for them instead, really. Other stand-outs: “War Is For the Hard of Hearing” and “Where Elevator Music Comes From.” Also please consider voting in the short story category for “A Coffee Cup/Alien Invasion Story” or “Close To You” – I thought both of these were notably inventive on a structural/language level and would like to see that sort of experimentation rewarded. I also thought “Bearing Witness” was exceptional, though not at all experimental.

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